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Ice Hockey Summer League

21 October - 17 December
13 January - 25 February

$400 per player
$200 per goalie

The minimum age requirement is 16 years old. All players must be members of IHA & WAIHA for the duration of the Summer League. The Cockburn Ice Arena Summer League is open to Senior Contact and Non Checking players, as well as 16+ Midget players.

We invite all players who meet minimum requirements to sign up!

Summer League is a social/recreational league - anyone pulled up for fighting or checking may be banned from the competition with no refund.



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Need to Scratch That Ice Hockey Itch?

Cockburn Ice Arena is running a friendly off-season competition league that is open to all Senior Contact and Non Checking players. This league is NON CHECKING, and is also suitable for 16+ Midget players who currently play or wish to play in senior competitions.

Games will be played on Friday and Saturday nights, with some Sunday nights if required (pending AJIHL season game times).

A full schedule will be released once numbers are confirmed.

Please note that fees must be paid IN FULL prior to players getting on the ice.

You can download the registration form here.

What's new?

The league will be divided into 3 tiers:
TIER 3: Play the Game 2 or completed Play the Game
TIER 2: Div 2 and 3 players
TIER 1: Div 1 and Premiere League
Teams will be drafted from a list after on-ice tryouts. Tryouts are free!
Cockburn Ice Arena will provide jerseys for the league, and $50 will be refunded to each player when the jersey is returned.


Playing officials receive free registration, but are required to officiate a minimum of 1 game per week.

Non playing officials will be paid at the end of the season.
- $20 per game for lining
- $30 per game for reffing