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Summer Dance

Studio Dance Classes
Term 1

10 February - 14 April 2018

$100 per person
(8 x 60 minute classes)

$60 for Tiny Tots
(8 x30 minute classes)

Cockburn Ice Arena welcomes everyone to sign up for our new term of dance classes! Learn to express yourself through the dance and enjoy the freedom of movement.

Required gear:

Classical Ballet: pink stockings, leotard and pink ballet shoes

Jazz: leotard or top, shorts and jazz shoes

Hip-Hop: Loose fitting clothing and sneakers

Classical Ballet

Classical ballet provides a great grounding for all other dance styles. Ballet provides the foundations for technique development and knowledge of how to control the body. It will help improve every aspect of your body's fitness. Posture, muscle tone, flexibility, core strength, musicality and your artistic expression will all develop in this class. Requirements: Pink stockings, Leotard and Pink Ballet shoes. These items can also be purchased from our pro-shop.

Jazz (pending enrolment numbers)

After a thorough warm-up you will learn a more technical style of dance in this fast paced, high-energy, fun filled class. Learn how to pirouette, kick and leap whilst learning a routine to current and popular music or old school Broadway classics. Requirements: Leotard or Top, Shorts and Jazz shoes. These items can also be purchased from our pro-shop.

Hip-Hop (pending enrolment numbers)

Hip-hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, locking and funk. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements. Requirements: Loose fitting clothing and sneakers.

Tiny Tots Ballet

Foster a love of movement in your child with this fun and energetic class. Lessons consider students' attention spans and keep them happily engaged while learning to translate music to movement. Interaction is consistent and focus is on coordination and rhythm introduced in creative and imaginative ways.

Learn to Skate Over the Summer Holidays!

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Ballet Classes

Saturdays commencing 10 February
( 2-4 years)
12pm - 12:30pm
Junior and Intermediate
(5-13 years )
12:30pm -1:30pm