Pre Season Shooting Clinic with JFK

Want to score more goals? Everyone does! Our pre-season shooting clinic is the perfect chance to calibrate your shooting skills before the WA season begins! Led by coach JFK, the clinic will [...]

Elite Prospects for Club Level Juniors

The Elite Prospects program is for club level players and focuses on improving the following main components of your game:

  • Edges
  • Puck skills and shooting
  • [...]

$15 School Holiday Ice Skating Tickets!
Valid until the 30th of April, 2023

Save up to $60 on ice skating tickets! We’d love for Buggybuddys members to enjoy a family ice skating day these school holidays, so we’re offering $15 ice skating tickets for you [...]

Adult Figure Skating Club – Workshop

Adult Figure Skating Club Workshop Saturday 17 February 2024 5pm – 7pm Minimum level required is Learn to Skate Stroking and up.  This workshop session includes private ice, coaching from [...]

$15 Summer Ice Skating Tickets!
Valid until the 28th of February, 2023

Ice skating – there’s no better way to beat the Perth Summer heat! We’d love our Kids in Perth readers to enjoy a family ice skating day this Summer, so for December and [...]

Learn to Skate Curriculum

3 on 3 Tournament 2022

3 October - 5 October

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Ice Hockey Games

Winter Hockey Camp – Ages 13 to 18

11 July - 15 July

About the Camp Join us this Winter for a camp with a difference! A collaboration between [...]