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The Elite Prospects program is for club-level players and focuses on improving the following main components of your game:

  • Edges
  • Puck skills and shooting
  • Checking / Body contact

Led by coach John Kennedy Junior, this program is open to club-level players from any club. These sessions are a must if you want to step into your games with confidence in your abilities!

Dates & times

U15 & U17: Mondays from 8pm-9pm on 20, 27 May, 3, 10, 17, 24 June .

What we’ll be covering

  • Dynamic Edges: the core focus will be placed on understanding how to engage your edges, edge control, edge stability, and weight distribution.  Throughout these sessions, players will be pushed to the brink with fundamental power skating and dynamic skating maneuvers.
  • Puck Skills & Shooting: Every player wants to be on the highlight reel, but what does it take to be able to receive a pass in stride and release the puck without overhandling it? In the puck skills and shooting sessions, we will break down fundamental hand placement, top-hand control, and puck manipulation on the blade. Players will be taught how to control the puck in traffic as well as open ice, how to keep the puck protected, and how to be a consistent offensive threat.In the shooting portion of the session we will break down the grip and power hand, the three zones of shooting, and how to release a shot with deception. Players will be able to get high repetitions under elite supervision to enhance neuro-muscular connection.
  • Battle Skills (how to get the puck and keep it): No matter what the age, ice hockey is a contact sport. Players bump into each other every inch of the ice. How should you go into a battle situation? How do you effectively protect the puck once you have it? How do you protect yourself when engaging in a 1v1 situation? During the Battle Skills sessions, players will be taught how competing for the puck is a skill and how to do it in a safe and compliant manner effectively.
  • Checking & Body Contact: One of their most vital clinics for players who are preparing for a season of body contact. Beyond only teaching players how to give and receive a check, this clinic will show players how to properly angle, eliminate an opponent from the puck, puck protection, puck retrieval deception, open ice checks, and so much more!

In the event of a participant being unable to attend due to COVID-19, credits or refunds will be applied.

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