FAQs for School Excursions

Do you have a question about school excursions at the rink? Check here for a list of common queries.


1.  Does Cockburn Ice Arena  have a COVID Safety Plan?

Cockburn Ice Arena was early to adopt a COVID Safety Plan, and a current copy is available at all times. The plan outlines venue capacity, hygiene practice and requirements, staff training and education, and response planning.

Documents for schools

1. Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, we are covered for up to $20 million, and this policy is renewed annually.

2. Do you have emergency procedures in place?

In case of an emergency, our venue is fully equipped with appropriate alarms, lights and warning systems, and instructions will be communicated via our loud speaker system. The most important thing is to listen to all directions given by Arena staff, who are fully trained in all emergency and evacuation procedures, and will ensure that all patrons are escorted safely out of the building.


3. Do you provide transport or bus services?

We don’t provide transport, however we are happy to recommend Buswest for your transport requirements.


4. Is ice skating safe?

We have been hosting school excursions for 25 years, and over that time we have found that taking the following simple steps will significantly decrease the risk of injury to all skaters. Ice skating does have risks, however these risks can be easily mitigated by following these simple guidelines!

  • Dress appropriately – ensure all students wear long pants and long sleeves
    This will prevent cuts or scrapes should a student take a fall. Encourage students to bring a bike helmet, or use a complimentary helmet supplied by the arena.
  • Make sure all students are attentive during our safety briefing.
    Our staff will conduct a short safety briefing at the start of every school excursion, and are happy to take any questions from teachers or students.
  • Make sure skates are the right size, and buckles are done up firmly.
    Loose fitting ice skates are the number 1 cause of injury, and the easiest to remedy! An ice skate should fit snugly, and the buckles should be tight. It is a common mistake to go ‘up one size’ when getting your skates from skate hire. Our staff will conduct a check on students’ skates at the beginning of your excursion to ensure skates are the right size and buckles are done up securely.
  • Ensure students are skating within their limits.
    Each school is different, some take to ice skating quickly, while others take a bit more time to get used to it. The most important thing for beginners is to skate within your limits. This means skating at a speed that is proportionate to your skill level. Our staff will monitor the pace of a session and adjust it accordingly.

5. What clothing should we wear?

On average the temperature inside the rink measures 10˚C. Therefore, we encourage students to dress in layers when they come skating, as you do warm up when you skate. Long pants, jacket, long thick socks and gloves are recommended.

6. Should we wear helmets?

Wearing a helmet is highly recommend for safety reasons. Students are encouraged to bring a bike helmet, otherwise there is a limited supply of helmets available free of charge at the Arena.

7. When measuring my feet, should I get skates one size bigger?

Customers often ask for a size bigger than they have measured, thinking that they will be more comfortable. This is a big no-no, and increases the risk of injuries and falls. It is important to have a skate fit your foot as accurately as possible. You want your foot and ankle to feel secure.

8. Will our valuables be safe?

The Arena does not take responsibility for any valuables, however we provide lockers for your added security. We also have a ‘lost and found’ area should you misplace any items.

Students with a disability

9. Are there inclusive options for students with disabilities?

We are an inclusive entertainment venue, and we want to encourage people with disabilities, accessibility and mobility issues. There are wide access doors throughout the Arena and accessibility to the ice surface for wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are not permitted on the ice without a coach, ice marshall or experienced skater, however a dedicated coach for wheelchair bound students will be provided free of charge.

For special needs students, a complimentary skating aid is also provided . We also offer customised ice skating sessions called All Abilities Sessions.

Staffing & coaches

10. Are there staff to help the students on the ice?

A complimentary school group host is provided for groups of 25 students or more. The host will help ensure skates are on properly, the students are skating safely, and also help out with games on the ice.

A host can be hired for smaller groups at a cost of $150 for the session. A surcharge applies on public holidays.

11. If I hire a coach, what will the students learn?

The students will learn the basics of ice skating, including how to fall and get up safely, how to glide on one and two feet, and how to stop. These basic ice skating skills make for a more confident skater. School groups taking weekly lessons will learn more advanced elements as they progress.

School lunches

12. What lunch options do you have?

We offer 2 options for school lunches.

  1. Students are welcome to purchase food and drinks on the day as needed, or
  2. You can pre order from our school lunch package menu. We do ask that orders are placed at least 1 week in advance so we can order and prepare.

13. Do you cater for food intolerances and allergies?

Gluten free, vegan and vegetarian food options are available. Please advise us of any dietary requirements, and we will be happy to accomodate!

Educational component

14. How can an ice skating excursion be linked to the Western Australian Curruculum?

Students can visit us for an ice skating activity and then complete worksheets themed to the activity. Our worksheets have been developed in accordance with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority for both Mathematics and Science.

Here is our Year 3 Mathematics worksheet, entitled ‘Ice hockey with Nick’ (pdf).

Worksheets are currently available for Years 1-6.

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