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Ready for the next step in your figure skating journey? Skaters can pursue figure skating at an advanced level after they have completed Learn to Skate.

Here at Cockburn Ice Arena, we have a broad range of professional coaches who specialise in teaching from beginners, right up to our elite international skaters!

Private figure skating lessons on private ice

You may have finished Learn to Skate, and now want to compete, work on an ISA (Ice Skating Australia) test, or skate at a higher level recreationally. If this is you, one on one figure skating lessons may be for you.

If you wish to take regular figure skating lessons, a private membership gives access to exclusive ice time put aside for private training. If you just want sporadic or one-off lessons, these can be booked during some of our public ice skating sessions, pending coach availability.

Private Figure Skating Timetable

We’ve recently moved our timetable to RecTimes. Changes and updates to the schedule will now be instantaneous, for the most accurate information. View all of the Figure Skating Practice Sessions on Rink 1 and 2.

Figure Skating Practice Sessions look like this
rec times calendar screenshot

Private Figure Skating Memberships

Memberships are different to the Learn to Skate ‘group class’ format. Instead of group lessons, they are now one on one. Private ice time is set aside for members to have one on one lessons with their coach. Skaters now book time with their coach and pay the coach directly.

Enquire about private figure skating lessons

Are you an advanced skater looking for private skating lessons?
If you are a beginner, consider starting with our Learn to Skate program.

How to organise private figure skating lessons

1. Choose a coach

You have skated your way through Learn to Skate, and have probably been taught by a few coaches. Approach the coach whose coaching style suited you best, and ask if they will take you for private lessons.

2. Purchase a figure skating membership for access to private figure skating sessions

Memberships are available in 30, 90, and 180 day blocks, and also give access to ice skating sessions. Memberships must be purchased at the arena.

3. Watch the Private Session Etiquette training video and complete the quiz.

You will receive an email with a link to the short Private Session Etiquette training video and quiz. The video will help you learn the rules for skating in a private figure skating session.

4. Review the Membership Information page

The Private Membership Information page provides links to the private session times, skater etiquette, risk guidelines and a map of the arena showing entry and exit points.

5. Set up regular lessons with your coach

You will now be paying your coach directly for private one on one lessons.

6. Enjoy unlimited access to private figure skating sessions and ice skating sessions

You are welcome to attend figure skating sessions even if you don’t have a lesson, and just want to practise.

About figure skating, private ice time, coaching and memberships


You are now ready to skate at a higher level, whether it be competitively, for enjoyment, or to further your skills on the ice. You are ready for private tuition on ice that is put aside just for you! You will get more one-on-one with your coach, access to ice put aside just for figure skating tuition, and you will still be able to attend general skating sessions.


Unlike Learn to Skate, coaching fees and ice time fees are separate once a skater has advanced to this level. Tuition is now one on one instead of in a class environment, and the ice time is put aside exclusively for this advanced training.

Coaching/tuition: Skaters must book private lessons with their coach (coaches must be paid directly).

Membership and Ice Time: Skaters must purchase a membership from Cockburn Ice Arena in order to gain access to private figure skating sessions, which generally take place early morning or in the afternoon on most days. These sessions are for members only (no general session skating) and can be used for practice as well as booked lessons.

Coaching is available in the following ice disciplines:

Figure skating

Figure skating is a sport in which individuals, duos, or groups perform jumps, spins, footwork and other challenging moves on ice. It was the first winter sport included in the Olympics, in 1908.

Skaters can take figure skating lessons at an advanced level after they have completed Learn to Skate. Here at Cockburn Ice Arena, we have a broad range of professional coaches who specialise in teaching from beginners, right up to our elite international skaters!

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