Ice speed skating in Perth – break all the limits!

Short track speed skating, or ice racing, is an exhilarating sport, where skaters can reach speeds of up to 50km per hour! Skaters battle for position on the 111m track, rounding tight bends and passing each other to be first across the line, and sometimes be the last one standing!

Age and ability

Generally anybody 6 years or older is welcome to come and try ice racing, and beginners are welcome, as long as you have basic ice skating skills, and can start and stop safely.

If you aren’t a confident ice skater, we would recommend completing one term of our Learn to Skate program before trying speed skating.

Required equipment

The club has a large range of specialised speed skates for loan if you are just starting out. The only equipment you will need to begin with is:

  • long pants
  • long sleeves
  • gloves
  • socks
  • helmet

Speed skating days and times

The club skates every Sunday morning from 7am, and welcomes new skaters to come and try it up to four times for free!

Speed Skating with the Western Flames Ice Racing Club

The club fosters a welcoming and supportive environment, and welcomes skaters of all ages and abilities.

Male and female speed skaters preparing to get on the ice.

Come and Try Speed Skating

Come and give ice racing a go any Sunday morning from 7am. The club allows new skaters to try speed skating 4 times for free! It’s lots of fun and you will make some great friends!

Young girl speed skater doing crossovers on the ice.

Learn to Speed Skate

Learn to speed skate takes place on Sunday mornings, and is for anyone aged 6 and above. Participate in fun games and training drills to learn how to skate fast and race! Earn badges as you get faster!

Young skaters starting a speed skating race.

Skate for fun and fitness

Speed skating is a great way to stay strong and fit, and is a low impact exercise, suitable for most ages. Currently, club members range from 6 to 60 years of age.

Three male ice speed skaters turning a corner.

Events and competitions

Where can speed skating take you?

  • club races
  • State Championships
  • Duke Trophy (state team event)
  • Australian Open Championships
  • World Cup & Championships
  • Winter Olympics 2022
Western Flames Ice Racing Club logo

Western Flames Ice Racing Club

The Western Flames Ice Racing Club is a welcoming and friendly club, and has been in operation since 2011. The Flames won the “Spirit of the Duke” trophy in 2012! Visit The Western Flames…

Enjoy free ice skating sessions when you enrol in:

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