Try our Ice Bykes – Perth’s Only Drift Trikes on Ice!

Ice Bykes are a cross between a drift trike and ice skates. The back wheels have been replaced with skate blades and they have the ability to drift and slide out around corners. Some of the Cockburn Ice Arena crew have even mastered a 360 degree spin!

Drift, slide ‘n’ glide! On Perth’s coolest ride!

Boy riding an Ice Byke at Cockburn Ice Arena


Add our Ice Bykes to your party booking before or after your ice skating session!

Ice skating after birthday party lunch!


No balance? no worries!

Find it hard to ice skate due to a lack of balance? Why not drift around the ice instead? It’s as easy as riding a tricycle!

Racing on the Ice Bikes at an Ice Byke birthday party


10 bykes per session

During the school holidays we have over 10 weekly Ice Byke sessions. During the school term there are less Ice Byke sessions.

Minimum height 120 centimetres, must wear helmet, long pants and enclosed shoes. Gloves optional.

Ice Byke Requirements

For the safest and most enjoyable Ice Byke experience:

  • user must be 120cm or taller so feet can reach the pedals
  • user must be 120kg or less
  • strictly 1 rider per Ice Byke
  • enclosed shoes must be worn
  • supplied helmet must be worn
  • long pants and a pair of gloves are advisable
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