Suspension and Reactivation of your Private Membership

Members can suspend their membership for any reason, provided the duration of the suspension is 30 – 180 consecutive days. Members must advise C.I.A. using the Reactivation Form two days before the member recommences skating after suspension, so the profile can be reactivated (or doors will not open).
An administration fee of $30 will apply to any member wishing to suspend their membership (minimum term of suspension is 30 days) for the following reasons:

    1. Holiday/ general suspensions
      In order for the suspension to be granted the member must apply using the Pass Suspension Form. Members will not be granted a suspension if they apply after the holiday.
    2. Injury suspensions
      In order for the suspension to be granted, the member must present a medical certificate within 30 days of the date of injury.
    3. Family Memberships
      Both skaters must be suspended, can not just be one.
    4. Your membership is required to be reactivated in order to allow you access once your suspension time is over. Please complete the Reactivation Form prior to your first return visit to the arena.

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